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Dave Dalton and Rob Trisler have brought back to life, "Die Laughing Records". Originally established in 1988 in the San Francisco Bay Area localized in the East Bay to be exact. 

Dave Dalton has been working in the music business since 1981. Dave has been in several bands in a variety of roles such as vocals, guitar, management, etc. While writing and playing music is a major passion of Dave’s he has also been involved and continues to be involved in booking national acts foreign and domestic. He loves music and this label is to be a reflection of this love. Punk, Acoustic Punk, Celtic, Ska & Northern Soul. 

Rob Trisler has been at this since 1994 as label owner, magazine publisher and show promoter. He is open to most styles of music. Punk, Indie rock, Power-pop and hip-hop have been staples in his musical diet since a very early age. A great hook and vocal will go a long way in his book.

We believe in partnering with bands and other record labels. You will see that philosophy shine through in many of our releases. Send in your music, contact us here and send us your facebook link, reverbnation, soundcloud page and we even love to check out physical press kits still! (Message us for the physical address.) We look forward to hearing from you!



We are a California Company.

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