NEW SINGLE from BITE starring CHELSEA ROSE "45" OUT NOW on Riot Records / Die Laughing Records!

The new single "45" by BITE starring CHELSEA ROSE is out now on Riot Records / Die Laughing Records, part of Golden Robot Global Entertainment!

San Francisco, California based band BITE starring Chelsea Rose. BITE plays; “fast, loud, sexy, trashy down and dirty punk and roll” and “45” has all the elements of who they are and what they represent. This track is the calling out of the leader of the “free world” and what a divided nation has become witness to and hopelessness from during his “reign”. Due to the continual alternative facts, spin, the underhanded reality star has created a tv show of the county focused on ratings, misquotes of himself and a lack of basic empathy for the people he was elected to lead. Throughout the single frustration grows and so does the sound and shout of BANG BANG! Truly a chant of anger and disgust. This gives listeners an opportunity to have the courage to chant their truth.

You want to get it, you really do. So don't wait, click the cover below and add it to your collection.

You can also hear it right here on youtube first if you are still scrolling. : ^ )