Yard of Blondes FACEBOOK TAKEOVER of Die Laughing Records May 1st 2020!

Ok, so you are home, not going anywhere because well it's all closed. You need that fix of live music and some kind of socializing! Well we have that covered with our Die Laughing Records Covid Concert Series #covidconcertdlr #covidconcertsdlr

2 to 3 times a week we have bands signed to Die Laughing Records take over our DLR FACEBOOK PAGE perform and answer some questions or take a moment to just say hello to you. All past shows are available on our facebook page for you to view over and over for FREE.

May 1st 2020 we have YARD OF BLONDES at 7pm (PDT) taking over and we can't me more excited to introduce all of you to some great people and awesome new signing to the label! Please tune in and the flyer is below.